Humanity’s Second Shock and Your Unique Self


Humanity´s second shock and the unique self

“Every human being meets with pain in his or her life. When we discover this, it shatters our expectations. Our main reaction to this ‘First Shock’ is avoidance. In our collective life, this avoidance represents the consciousness of the Separate Self or ego.

In trying to impose its will on the unfolding of life, this Separate Self makes things worse rather than better. It may end up destroying the life that has been given to us as human beings, as well as life on Earth in general.

Our waking up to this dilemma is what Mauk Pieper calls our ‘Second Shock’. This book urges us to ‘rethink’ the evolution of our consciousness and offers a glimpse of a new, emerging level of consciousness that is able to process this Second Shock, giving rise to ‘realistic hope’ for a better world that is in alignment with the evolutionary impulse.”

Foreword by Prof. Dr. Paul de Blot
Afterword by Dr. Marc Gafni, autor of  ‘Your Unique Self’

‘This book is a precious jewel of precise and dedicated inquiry into the awareness that we so urgently need in these challenging times. Can we consciously align ourselves with the evolutionary impulse, integrating outer doing and inner being, manifesting true wholeness, living our inner call? It is a book on embracing the one and the many, on growing up as a unique person, and waking up and beyond, with love, care and responsibility. A book about taking the perspective of our unique interconnectedness with the whole, and on becoming one with the whole again. In a deceptively simple tone, building on notions and insights from the Integral approach and Unique Self, Mauk Pieper presents original, fresh perspectives. A gem of integrating wisdom, highly recommended!’
Adeline van Waning, MD PhD, author of
‘The less dust, the more trust… meditation and science’
‘Opgroeien en Ontwaken, De Integrale Benadering’ (Dutch)

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I feel honoured by the endorsements of many colleages in the field..

This book answer the most fundamental questions: how can we live and how can we survive in a world crumbling under its own weight?

This is an important book written by a true scholar, psychotherapist- spiritual teacher and leader. A great synthesis of Unique Self and Integral Theory.

Sean Wilkinson
Sean Wilkinson

This is an important book about the characteristics of a new level of consciousness that has the potential to lead us to a more sustainable future.

A must-read for anyone interested in spiritual awakening and evolution.

Doshin Hannya Michael Nelson Roshi
Doshin Hannya Michael Nelson Roshi

This book is a precious jewel of precise and dedicated inquiry into the awareness that we so urgently need in these challenging times.

Mauk Pieper succeeds in conveying the essence of evolutionary spirituality and its vital importance for the present challenges of mankind.

Marijke Heetveld
Marijke Heetveld